Ali Aden Elmi was one of three Somali pirates killed in the Gulf of Aden in April 2009 after seizing control of the MV Maersk Alabama and holding Captain Richard Phillips for ransom in a lifeboat. After his leader, Abduwali Muse, was lured off of the lifeboat and onto the navy destroyer USS Bainbridge, Elmi and two other pirates were killed by sniper fire and Phillips was rescued. Muse was arrested and charged in the United States. Despite on-going confusion on the four pirates' age, Elmi was later determined to be 34. He was married and had children, but his wife eventually found out where he was getting money and decided to "survive separately".

Elmi is renamed 'Walid Elmi' in the film Captain Phillips (2013), and is shown to be the lifeboat's driver. He is portrayed by Somali-American actor Mahat M. Ali.